Recent Before & After Photos

Bathroom Transformation

This bathroom was in big trouble after a flood caused by a toilet supply line. All the flooring had to be removed and replaced. In some circumstance the materia... READ MORE

Unpredictable Disasters

When owning a property, it can be very unpredictable. The tenants or visitors can cause damage to your property in many ways. Someone decided to empty out a fir... READ MORE

Amazing Ceiling Before and After

The damage in this ceiling was caused by a leaky bathroom. It was escaping through the tiles and seeping through the floor and into the roof of this garage. All... READ MORE

Bathroom Looks As Though No Damage Ever Occured

This gorgeous bathroom was hiding extensive water damage that could not be detected until it was too late! There were subtle signs of damage such as buckling an... READ MORE

Kitchen Transformation in Sacramento

At SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville we not only restored damaged home but we can transform your home. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are happy with... READ MORE

A Chimney Fire in Citrus Heights

Chimney fires usually occur when residue catches fire. A dirty chimney can increase the risk of a chimney fire. Regular maintenance is essential for safety. It ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Garage

Although this garage was closed, water from the storm still entered the home. It could have possible entered through the bottom of the garage door and pushed in... READ MORE

Storms Leave a Mess

Storms can sometimes have catastrophic but in some occasions, it just leaves behind a mess. Although tedious and bothersome, this is a best-case scenario. We ha... READ MORE

Removal of Walls to Prevent Mold

These walls had to be replaced because of the possibility of mold growth. Although on the surface it may seem like the walls have dried it goes deeper than that... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Causes Large Damages

The damage here is to the master bedroom in the upstairs of this home. The fire originated in the kitchen but the damage did not stop there. The smoke caused se... READ MORE