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Large Loss Disaster Recovery Team

We are a large loss disaster recovery team. When a natural disaster such as storm, fire or flood we are on site to help people to get back into their homes as soon as possible

Educating Our Team

We never stop learning. We continue to learn and educate our team about the latest technology and techniques. Our goal is to stay ahead and continue to be leaders in the restoration industry.

Restoring a Bathroom

This gorgeous tile bathroom was hiding extensive water damage. Luckily, we restored the bathroom to look how it did before it was damaged. Our customers were thrilled.

Tree Falls Through Roof

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville has seen it all. After strong winds this tree fell through the roof. Fortunately, no one was hurt. We are prepared for anything with the right skills and tools. 

Individual commitment to a group effort.

We develop team bonding skills with our crew. We believe working together is the way to continue to lead in the restoration industry. Individual commitment to a group effort leads to success.

We Care for Our Community

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville cares for the community we are a part of. Our team at different levels continues to support the community in different ways.

Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It's important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It's the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.


Here at SERVPRO of Citrus Height/Roseville we pride ourselves with the confidence in our team. We know that together we can do so much more and a service to our customers. 

Deadliest Fire in 85 Years

As the blaze continues to run through Northern California, we continue to learn of the devastation it leaves behind. The Camp Fire in Butte County has destroyed 6,453 home as of Monday morning. More devastatingly so, there has been 29 people killed. Some victims were found in cars fleeing and other inside burned homes. Still over 200 people are reported missing. There are over 4,000 fire fighters battling the blaze.

The Hill Fire in Ventura County has burned through 4,531 acres and destroyed two buildings. It is currently 75 percent contained and will the efforts of fire fighters and all the responders involved we hope to see it completely contained soon.

Unfortunately, for Southern CA, the Woolsey Fire continued to rage and has burned 91,572 acres. Two people have been killed and about 370 homes have been destroyed. It currently only 20 percent contained.

Mold Under Bathtub

This bathtub is a prime example of the dangers of moisture. This bath tub had mold growing underneath it. Although bathtubs are made to be filled with water, if they are not properly placed and use it can have leaks that lead to moisture.

Water Damage in Commercial Building

Damage in your commercial building can be affecting your employee. This water damage may look harmless but it can in fact be hazardous to the health of your workers. Avoid any disasters and take of water damage before it gets worse.

Water Damage Signs

Bubbles in your ceiling can be an indication of an undetected leak. This bubble is filled water. A simple puncture can expel the water but it is important to find the cause of the water leak.

Water Damage Isn't Always Superficial

Water damage can do deeper than the surface. It is important to make sure that the level of water damage is assessed. Just drying the top service leaves your property susceptible to mold. The carpets had to removed to reach the moisture below.

Storm Damage to Exterior of Home

Storms can not only cause damage to the interior of your home but also the outside of your home. This storm caused slight flooding on porch. Although it may seem minor, the amount of damage can increase if left there. Be sure to assess all damages to your home, both inside and outside, when looking at your home.

Commercial Water Restoration

This business needed to reopen quickly after flooding. We are committed to fast and convenient service. Our goal is to restore your property to its condition before the damage. If your business suffers water damage call the experts of SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville.

SERVPRO Fleets Arriving to Commercial Fire

There is no fire damage that SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Carmichael can not handle. Our fleets can handle any size fire clean up and restoration. We responded to a huge fire at a car dealership.

Fire in Homes

Fires can start for many reasons but regardless of the source, they are incredibly destructive. They can consume a home. SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville can help restore your home "Like it never even happened."

Air Movers

Air movers in this home affected by water damage maximize air flow. The high velocity airflow allows faster drying time to get you back in your home sooner.

Flooding in Sacramento Commercial Property

This business had a flood that could not only cause damage to the property but the merchandise inside. It is important to get help immediately to avoid further damages.

Water Damage to Floors

Depending on the extent of water damage, floors may need to be completely replaced. This living room floor needed to be removed. 

Garage Fire in Roseville, CA

SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville quickly responded to this fire in Roseville. The team assesses which items are salvageable to minimize replacement.  

Mold in this Sacramento Establishment

This hallway was full of mold. The owners had no idea there was mold growing behind their walls. Our team at SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville quickly took care of the problem.

Fire in Apartments

This is the aftermath of a fire. One of the damages of fire is the soot it leaves behind.

Storm Damage – Citrus Heights Home

Storm damage at this Citrus Heights home broke a window in this hallway. There was a considerable amount of water deposited into the hallway. Pictured is the air moving equipment set up to help dry the walls and floor after the water had been extracted.

Sacramento Commercial Mold Remediation

A recent commercial mold infestation provided us the chance to expose the interior of several walls throughout a large commercial complex in Sacramento California. Commercial structures contain an interesting arrangement of materials, for instance, you may find a wall composed of an outside layer of paint and drywall, below that metal studs, plywood, and then another layer of drywall followed by brick. 


Checking Moisture in Citrus Heights

One of the first steps in preventing mold growth is ensuring your affected space is dry. With this moisture meter, and others like it, we can detect moisture without obvious visible signs. Once detected, moisture levels are monitored throughout the restoration. 

Placerville Mudslide

January, February and March have been some of the wettest months on record for the Sacramento, Citrus Heights, and Roseville areas. 

As we can see in the photo, mud has pooled at the base of the hill, threatening property near a residential development.

Commercial Storage Facility Black Mold Mitigation

Located in the Citrus Heights area, a small storage facility experienced an accident which allowed water to saturate the walls lining a few storage units. 

Nature moved swiftly, enveloping several walls with black mold. SERVPRO ® of Citrus Heights / Roseville safely removed the mold, replacing all affected drywall after extensive anti-fungal treatment. 

Placerville Storm Erodes Commercial Foundation

The lovely town of Placerville has been hit hard by several storms affecting the surrounding Sacramento, Roseville, and Citrus Heights communities. 

As we can see in the photo, the streams running throughout the town are reaching maximum capacity. With several commercial structures located near the stream, we were called to assess the damage to a property affected by the overflow. 


Mold Infestation in Citrus Heights

The vacant house in Citrus Heights took on water from the skylight that allowed mold to proliferate throughout the structure. With no ventilation and neglected, this structured required extensive mold remediation before it could be put on the market.

Water Soaked Carpet in Placerville

January storms caused significant flooding throughout Sacramento and Placerville. SERVPRO ® of Citrus Heights / Roseville is specially prepared to handle situations involving flooding and saturation of carpets and flooring. We utilize air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, HEPA Filters, and a whole lot of suction power to remove moisture from exposed areas.  

Painting and Texturing in Citrus Heights

The residential patio observed in the photo is taped off with plastic. SERVPRO ® of Citrus Heights and Roseville employs the best technicians to take the right precautions to prevent paint over-spray, and any other damage to your property potentially incurred by the hire of non-licensed service. 

Office Clean up and Mitigation

A flock of monitor arms has landed in this Sacramento office. As a Large Loss Leader, SERVPRO ® of Citrus Heights / Roseville is the team to call. Our team specializes in mitigating water damage in offices, and large commercial spaces. We understand the value of your business, and take all steps necessary to protect important equipment.

Replacement of Commercial Office floor

SERVPRO ® of Citrus Heights / Roseville is here to help. We are a turn-key solution for your commercial or residential fire or water damage needs. Start to finish point of contact, accommodating staff and fast turn around time separates SERVPRO ® of Citrus Heights / Roseville from the rest. 

Underground !

As you can see in the photo, SERVPRO ® of Citrus Heights / Roseville is ready to get down and dirty to get the job done. Tunneling into the slab to fix damaged pipes is just another day on the job. 

Mold Infected Warehouse

Commercial properties present challenges not normally found in Residential mold mitigation. Challenges like removing the mold along a wall thirty feet above the floor. Utilizing specialized tools SERVPRO ® of Citrus Heights and Roseville can handle your commercial mold mitigation today!

Pipe Leak in Commercial Office

Commercial properties often contain pipes of various sizes running along ceilings and walls. While some may find the aesthetic displeasing, SERVPRO ® of Citrus Heights and Roseville capitalizes on the easy access to not only fix the leak, but remove moisture from saturated carpets, preventing mold. 

Mudslide in Placerville

January and February were some of the wettest months on record for the Sacramento, Roseville, Citrus Heights, and Placerville areas. Mud slides occur when storms erode the support of columns of mud, allowing the mud to cascade down steep slopes. This image shows how close one of our customers came to devastation. With proper preparation, damage to your property can be avoided! 

Fire in Citrus Heights Home

Abandoned in the garage of a Citrus Heights residence, the charred remains of a motorcycle serves as a reminder that even small fires can cause major damage. Our trained technicians repair fire and smoke damage, like it never happened! 

Satisfied Customer

SERVPRO ® of Citrus Heights and Roseville appreciates the opportunity to serve the community. We recognize the value of your home and possessions and take every step to mitigate your loss. 

Water Damage – Citrus Heights

Water damage in Citrus Heights cannot always be seen or felt to the touch. SERVPRO employs hi-tech moisture detection devices which measure moisture content within building materials to help guide us to where the water damage is.

Flooded School Gymnasium Cleanup

January storms caused significant flooding throughout Sacramento. SERVPRO of Citrus Heights and Roseville is specially prepared to tackle large commercial damage. Whether you're focused on getting your business back online, or ensuring your students have a safe place to play, SERVPRO is here to help!  

Significant Fire Damage Restoration in Sacramento

Fire and smoke swept through what was once a lovely multi-family property. Three of four units were damaged significantly, requiring our crews to tear the structure down to the studs.

Clothing Store Suffers Water Leak in Citrus Heights

A feed line ruptured and the industrial flooring was partially covered with pools of water. We vacuumed up these large puddles, and set up a dehumidifying system to remove lingering moisture from the air. The purpose was to limit any moisture absorption into the fabrics and clothes.

Fire in the Attic of a Roseville Home

The electrical short caused quite a fire damaged mess in the Roseville home. We demolished the charred ceiling and smoldered insulation and then dried out the area from the fire extinguishing before we could begin to restore and rebuild this severely damaged property. Our SERVPRO techs possess the skills to complete the work to the customers' satisfaction.

Storm Flooded Citrus Heights Property

The groundwater rose enough to flow into this Citrus Heights home and leave an inch of standing water. Because the owner immediately called us, we started pumping out the water in about one hour. The truck mounted water pump quickly extracted the water, leaving dampness behind. We then rolled up and removed the carpeting. We placed several dehumidifiers and air movers to capture the moisture and dry out the home. The concrete floor base required checking periodically to verify that it was dry because of the slow evaporation rate of concrete.

Mold Information for a Citrus Heights Owner

Mold damage doesn't always look like a significant remediation service is required. The danger of a DIY treatment is threefold: can the homeowner safely and successfully remove the visible mold growth, has the moisture source been eliminated, and is there any hidden mold growth that can continue to expand? A SERVPRO of Citrus Heights/Roseville AMRT, Applied Microbial Remediation Technician, can remove the guesswork and ensure a safe home environment. Call us at (916) 966-2601 for assistance.