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Common Reasons for Water Damage in Homes

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

gutter on a house with rain pouring down Debris, leaves, and other substances are the culprits that block your gutter and stop the flow of water.

Water is one of the most important substances on earth. Needless to say, to live is impossible if we don’t have this life-giving compound. But with all the importance and benefits we may get from water, it is also important to note that water can damage our properties and may create harmful effects. It can also affect our health if we don’t take the necessary steps to reverse its impact. 

Many factors can bring damage to our homes. But among the list, water damage seemed to be taking the number one spot. And it can be damaging on so many levels. It can cause structural hazards and faults, to say the least. When water slowly creeps into our properties, mold starts to form and it can rot wood and other materials which can weaken the foundation of every building. Mold is also a serious health hazard as it reduces the air quality inside our homes.

We’ve enumerated some common causes of water damage. Let’s get to them one by one.

1. Severe Weather conditions.

Hurricanes. Mudslides. Excessive rain. These natural disasters will constantly cause water damage whenever they happen. Besides, the heavy wind and downpours could open your roof or damage it. Consequently, it may allow water to penetrate your home or business space. And if your home is situated in a low-lying area or flood-prone area, you will experience flooding whenever the rain falls.

2. Clogged gutters.

Your gutter system is supposed to drain water away from your house. But if your home doesn’t have gutters that aren’t properly installed and cleaned regularly, water leaks into the home. When that happens, water won’t be able to properly flow away from your property. It will find a way to escape and a different path to follow such as the edges of your gutters and sides of your house, and even through your ceilings and walls which will eventually cause damages in every part of your home. Debris, leaves, and other substances are the culprits that block your gutter and stop the flow of water. 

3. Leaking pipes.

A broken or even loose-fitting pipe inside the wall or under the sink of your home can cause issues and put your building in a dangerous situation. It is very complicated to stop water damage from a leaking pipe. When mold starts to form in one area, it can creep to other areas creating a colony of mold. And such a situation can cause us a huge amount of money being spent on repairs especially if the leaking pipes are located or installed underneath the ground or a concrete slab. 

4. Blocked Drains.

Blocked drains can adversely affect the structure of our homes and buildings. The blockage in drains from floors and sinks caused by the accumulation of various debris, different objects, food, and grease can be enough causes that contribute to water damage. The build-up of these materials obstructs water from flowing freely making water damage inevitable.

How to prevent water damage?

The best way to avoid water damage in your home is to prevent blockage that can stop flowing water. You can do that by regularly checking the areas mentioned here. Clean and maintain your gutters, fix leaking pipes, attend to downspouts. Make sure that your pipes, drains, and gutters are free from dirt. Checking your equipment regularly and ensuring they are in perfect condition also helps.  

Above all these, a professional home inspection will also make a big difference. If you need further accurate recommendations from an expert point of view, contact SERVPRO of Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Carmichael. We are here to help you prevent your home from water damage and any other home or business disasters. We will save you from unnecessary troubles and costly repairs.  

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